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How to Create a Social Media Presence in 1 Hour

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How to Create a Social Media Presence in 1 Hour

Posted 3/4/2010

by Mark Brimm

Search Marketing Director & Consultant at

Co-Author & Editor for's AdWords University: The Complete Guide to AdWords



More and more marketing and PR clients are asking me how to put up a quick and effective starter Social Media presence. Since we consult on this topic over at, I'll lay out the basic steps for a quick and easy starter presence that should take all of 1 hour to get started. In general, however, you should note that unless you don't already have a brand defined and a logo and other materials needed to support it, it might be best to wait until you do.



Landing Pages - BE VISUAL!

Push the red button!

Make sure that the page that you're sending people to from your social media links is eaither a specific article, product, service, blog post, or a page that at least is ready to engage the user and ask them IN BOLD USABILITY VISUALS what they want to do next. If your visitor needs to search more than 5 seconds to find what they came for, I'm afriad they just went back out the door. Plan ahead, and remember, be visual. Do NOT expect your visitor to think in the first 5 seconds of his pr her visit! After all, this is web surfing, not a philosophy course!


Bookmarking Tools

Retweet button from TweetMeme


The most popular webpage bookmarking tool for Twitter consumption is the TweetMeme button and the newer Facebook share button. Google Buzz now has a similar one that is being touted alongside TweetMeme's standby and there are others that creep into that sweet spot as time goes by. Buzz is intgeresting and does providea rich potential user experience, but it isn't Twitter just yet...Use only if you have explored Buzz and feel your contacts have largely adopted this platform or would likely adopt it.


AddThis is another social bookmarking tool allowing you to quickly and painlessly get code placed on your pages that will allow people to Retweet your use use any number of other available methods (pretty much exhaustive).


Add This Example



Fire Up Twitter!



You will need a Twiiter account first. Pick a personal profile name (your own) and profile photo to match. EVen if you want to later create a profile that is branded, believe me when I say that no other form of profile works like a personal one. People get to know you. They expect you to be candid and personable, not a bot spewing spam 24-7. It's okay to promote yourself, but keep it contextual and topical and natural and real.



Facebook: Fan Pages Vs. Groups


While Facebook profiles are generally intended for individuals (not companies, though many are doing just that), Fan Pages are just right to promote your business, product, organization, club or brand.

Fan Page


Facebook Groups, on the other hand, allow you to behave more like an newsletter with special permissions, an interactive calendar and other options like in Yahoo Groups. You can extend your current newsletter or daily/weekly/monthly/occasional blog emails to Facebook to help extend reach and ensure subscriber participation and numbers.


Facebook Groups


Remember, it's good to make your Fan Pages and Groups an extension of your personal profile. While Facebook doesn't dismantle corporate profiles, they are fully likely to if anyone so much as sneezes towards it.



Core Twitter Apps

A number of great aps for Twitter abound these days, and a new one is born approaximately every hour. Here is a list of some of the MUST-HAVE Twitter Aps you won't want to miss:


1) TweetDeck (for PC and iPhone) - Allows you to manage your Twitter profiles, conversations via unlimited columns. The only limit here is your API user limits, so bear that in mind before starting anything crazy in the way of automation later.


TweetDeck's Highly Usable Console



2) HootSuite (for PC and iPhone) - Allows the user to schedule tweets for multiple profiles and has limited bare bones conversation managing tools, as well. This is great for consultants who give away free tips during the day, or for gradually revealing to your Twiiter audience previously written articles elsewhere on the web. Or for people who want to tweet all day various info but don't have the time or desire to sit in front of a PC all day to actually do it.





3) Seesmic (from PC or mobile device) -Seesmic This is the power Tweeting tool many like to use from a handheld device. Not my personal favorite, but any swear by it and say its more reliable.














4) ManageTwitter - Following others on Twitter is the path for most of us to getting followed on Twitter in return. Want to build your following beyond the initial 2001 follower imit? You need to get 2001 followers to follow more than 2001 followers. Many follow you and then drop you. Most Twitterers are automating how they follow people via various tools. Lots of those abound, but we're getting you up and running for free here, so just sign in to periodically for now to make sure your followed are following you back until you pick one of the paid solutions below. Remember, to err is human, but to continually get dropped by a follower is programmatic and means you may need to drop and block!





5) TweetAdder- TweetAdder is the best paid program I've used yet and the most reliable. If I find out otherwise, I'll be coming back to update this item. In general, you should know that this tool is best used once over the 2001 follow threshold. Until that point has been reached, you may be better served by a more hand-on appraoch using a tool like ManageTwitter (above).







WordPress may be the best thing to happen to blogs and bloggers. With a plethora of options and capabilities available, you'll find all you need with WordPress, though you may need a few weeks to exhaust all the options currently available. Still, you can set up a blog domain of your own or use one available on within as lkittle as 5 minutes. It's okay to start modest,you're going to work on this part later on before launching your brilliant blog posts.





You probably already know that YouTube is great for posting videos relating to any kind of product or service video, and possibly have considered that consulting firms can also post presentations that can be linked to via Twitter and spread throughout your (now built) social media network. What you may not realize yet, however, is the extent to which YouTube (and other video services) are actually being utlized every day by Power Tweeters on Twitter and Facebook. Video Blogging (or vlogging) is a quick and easy alternative for many to traditional written blogs. And talk about more engaging! Draw your own conclusions there.


This article was brought to you in part by, and by our sister site,, the source for expertise on reinventing oneself to do business in the social media age. provides most of the low-cost groundwork and time-tested guidance distilled by the above steps as part of the MoguLITE program for consultants and entrepreneurs (and for a ridiculously low one-time price), putting the new business owner in good stead right from the start.


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Mark Brimm consults entrepreneurs and other large, medium and smaller businesses on SEO and Pay Per Click issues at, where he is Partner and Search Marketing Director.


Obligatory disclaimer: All logos and other copyrighted images used herein are for demonstrative purposes only and no claims is being made to the intellectual property of the owning companies.


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